How can you stay motivated to reach your heath and fitness goals…

Whether your goal is to lose a couple of pounds, build some muscle or get a little fitter and healthier, staying motivated to hit your goal is pretty important.

It goes without saying, are you going to get after it and smash every day? possibly not! This is ok!! Everyday is different. Did you sleep well? Did you have a bad day in work? Are you stressed? Have you eaten enough today? All these factors can play a part in your attitude to training that day.

What can you do to keep you training and exercising even when maybe you don’t feel like it:


  • Do something you enjoy!! Particularly if you are new to exercising. There are so many different forms of fitness. Explore different options and find something you like to do. This will take away the element of exercise being a ‘chore’.


  • Take a friend or a family member. Training with somebody you know makes the first step of going to the gym a bit easier. Share the burden and get your session done together. Also, a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone 😃


  • Set realistic, achievable goals. You can set these into short term/medium term/long term. These can be training/performance goals. i.e ” I want to Deadlift 100k” or nutrition goals. i.e” I want to lose X amount of weight.” or “I want to fit into those jeans/that dress gain”.


  • Take up a sport – to acheive health and fitness goals you don’t have to be in a gym hours a day! If your goal is fat loss then purely moving more (along with controlled calorie intake) will do the trick. Taking up a sport e.g Football, Rugby, Netball, Swimming…..The list is endless. You are more likely to enjoy the exercise element which will create longevity.


  • Go for a walk! Again, If your goal is fat loss then upping your daily activity levels will play a huge part in your fat loss journey. If it’s a nice day an you aren’t feeling going to the gym then go for an hour walk…If you have a dog you have no excuse 😉


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Andrew Driscoll

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