What are DOMS?

DOMS are basically when you wake up after a heavy session (in the gym). You’re pretty sore and movement can be a problem! This generally occurs after doing an intensive session on a specific muscle group i.e Leg day!

Are DOMS harmful?

No, even if for argument sake, you do a load of bicep curls, wake up the next day and funnily enough your biceps are a little tender. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid doing anything bicep related.

Research have shown that training on muscles that are still sore is safe and causes no damage.

What can I do to prevent DOMS?

I think it’s safe to say people who are very experienced with exercise will still suffer with DOMS every now and again. You cant really prevent DOMS but you can give yourself the best recovery game:

  • Warm up – make sure you warm your body up ready for your session properly.
  • Cool Down – After your session bring your body back to a steady state.
  • Stretch/Foam roll – Stretching and foaming rolling can help loosen tight muscles.
  • Nutrition – Food is extremely important in the recovery process and number one priority. Make sure your nutrition is giving your the best chance to recover from your sessions. Calorie controlled (based on your goals), high protein to maintain muscle mass and aid the recovery process – you’re onto a winner!
  • Sleep – Equally as important as food. Your body will need to repair itself and sleep is where this process happens!
  • Active recovery – Sometimes keeping moving helps! An active recovery session is performed at a low % effort and sometimes more beneficial to taking a rest day.
  • Treatment – Epsom Salts are great for aching and sore muscles! Find yourself a good massage therapist. A massage or treatment on tight areas will go a long way to aid recovery and help the process on improving movement patterns.
  • No – you don’t have to wear compression socks and take and ice bath after every session to recover!!


DOMS are generally part of the exercise process – learn to enjoy them. However, don’t judge your sessions on how you feel the next day. This is a mistake which could lead to over training and later cause injuries. If you wake up and don’t feel sore this doesn’t mean you didn’t train well or work hard enough the day before!

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